Top States for Growing Hemp

One of the most intriguing things about industrial-grade hemp is that it can grow virtually anywhere on the face of the earth. While hemp prefers a mild, humid climate, it can be grown in just about any type of climate or conditions. And on top of this, it’s one of the fastest growing crops. This has had made it an extremely profitable venture, especially since growing hemp for CBD was legalized in 2018.

If you’re an investor or farmer looking for a new opportunity, then hemp farming might be the right fit for you. States where hemp farming is done with aggression, such as these, are the main drivers of wholesale CBD products, including oil, isolate, and tinctures, one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States today.

best states to farm hemp

Best Places to Grow Hemp in the United States

While industrial hemp can legally be farmed anywhere in the US, there are certain states where it flourishes and businesses can expect a higher profit. This is primarily due to the state of the soil. However, it helps if the climate is warm, and the area receives a good amount of rainfall, but not too much. Here are some of the best states for growing hemp in 2019 and 2020.

1. Montana

Montana has the highest hemp yield in the US. It’s one of the best states to grow industrial hemp for wholesale CBD oil, tinctures, and products. Not only does Montana produce the most hemp in the country, but it’s also got an impressive track record when it comes to year over year growth. In 2018, the state had 22,000 acres of hemp farms, which was considerably larger than the 542 acres it had in the previous year. This growth was spurred not by any changes in regulations, but rather by an increased interest among Montana’s farmers in making a profit from hemp farming.

2. Colorado

Colorado is the second-best place in the US to farm hemp. Hemp Depot is proud to call the Centennial State home. Colorado led the race for hemp farming for years up until recently, when Montana took the lead. However, that’s not to say that Colorado’s numbers are anything other than impressive. In just one year, hemp farming increased in size from 9,700 to 21,578 acres. Hemp Depot’s farms account for more than 1,300 of those acres. Although the growth cannot be compared to Montana’s legendary spur, the consistency over the years is worthy of recognition.

3. Oregon

Oregon is known for its progressive attitude about cannabis. Even before the 2018 Farm Bill was enacted, there were programs in Oregon that made it possible for farmers to grow hemp, so long as they went through an application process. In addition to this, the climate in the Beaver State is practically perfect for growing hemp. That being said, it’s no wonder that Oregon is one of the top hemp-producing states in the nation. In 2018, Oregon produced 7,808 acres of hemp.

4. Kentucky

Kentucky is also high up on the list of the top hemp farming states. In 2018, the state produced 6,700 hemp acres. The state has also been quite vocal in its support for hemp farming in recent years, which is truly remarkable because it’s known as such a conservative region. So why the change? Well, many of Kentucky’s farmers used to farm tobacco, but sales have declined greatly within the last few years. So now many of these farmers grow hemp instead. Makes sense, right?

5. Tennessee

Tennessee comes fifth on the list with an equally impressive 3,388 hemp acres. This number is quite remarkable because the state was able to make the jump from a little above 200 hemp acres in 2017 to an astonishing 3,388 acres. That’s more than a hundred percent growth in less than a year. The change occurred once the state’s Department of Agriculture adjusted its attitude about hemp licensing. While the Department used to be quite stingy about issuing licenses, this changed once the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and they started giving them out more liberally.

While these are some of the key contenders in the CBD industry, this is by no means a comprehensive list of states making recognition-worthy strides. There are many great places for growing hemp in the US and more are sure to emerge as the market continues to expand.

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