What Are the Best States for Growing Hemp?

One of the key benefits of growing hemp is that it is a low-maintenance crop. Hemp can be grown virtually anywhere on the planet, making any state in the US ideal for hemp cultivation. The only thing holding back farmers is legality– while hemp is a federally legal commodity, there are still states where hemp is illegal to grow. If you’re interested in growing your own hemp, please check your local state laws prior to cultivation. Each state has its own hemp licensing so be sure to fill out the proper paperwork to obtain your legal licensing.

If you’re looking for a hemp seed supplier you can trust, check out CBD Seed Co All of CBD Seed Co.’s hemp is grown using organic farming practices, and all of its seed is third party tested to ensure the highest quality. Picking the wrong seed supplier can be a costly mistake, so be sure to pick a trusted company.

2019 Hemp Production Trends

Hemp farming has quadrupled in the last year with the addition of 13 more states adding legal hemp programs. There is a total of 511,442 acres of hemp that are licensed nationally from 16,877 state grower licenses issued.

Learn More About Hemp Growing Practices

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on all things hemp. As the leading Colorado hemp farmer, we’re honored to share our experience and knowledge. We’re happy to see that current hemp production trends have been so successful. If you’re interested in starting your own hemp farm, we’re happy to help! For more information regarding hemp growing practices, please contact us!


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