What Other Uses Does Hemp Have Besides CBD?

Hemp is a highly versatile plant that’s been used for centuries for its various applications. Hemp use can be traced back to 8000 BC for its utilization in ropes, textiles, fishnets, cosmetic oils, and seeds for eating. While CBD may have brought hemp into the recent spotlight, perhaps making the 2018 Farm Bill possible, there are countless other uses for this crop. Hemp has up to 50,000 known applications varying from food to clothing, building materials, and many more.

Hemp vs. Cotton

Hemp is a much easier crop to cultivate when compared to cotton. Cotton crops require a lot of water and pesticides in order to successfully cultivate. Cotton cultivation has a significantly larger impact on the environment leading to pesticide water runoff. Hemp plants don’t require as much water and are naturally pest-resistant due to their evolutionary terpene content. Hemp can produce 1500 pounds of fiber per acre while cotton can only produce 500 pounds per acre.

Hemp has other benefits over cotton outside of just cultivation. Hemp fabric is more durable and features a higher absorbency rate along with better insulation when compared to cotton. Hemp can provide better product life for upholstery and other cloth items that don’t require as stretch and breathability offered by cotton.

Hemp Applications

With up to 50,000 known applications, hemp is one of the most versatile crops. Each part of the plant offers different uses. The stalk can produce fibers that can be utilized for textiles, insulation, and rope. The stalk can also produce hurds that can be processed into paper, organic compost, animal bedding, and fiberboards. Hemp seed can be utilized for numerous different foods, dietary supplements, body care products, fuel, paint, and many more. Hemp roots can produce organic compost and medication. The leaves and flowers are what produce CBD, animal bedding, mulch, and other items.

Learn More About Hemp Applications

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on all things hemp. As the leading Colorado hemp farmers, we’re passionate about hemp cultivation and its incredible scope of applications. Hemp is the only crop that can offer such a range of benefits and we’re glad that the 2018 Farm Bill was able to make hemp into a legal commodity at the federal level. Now that hemp prohibition is over, we hope that more research is employed so that more applications can be discovered. For more information regarding different hemp applications, please contact us!

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