Should I Include Product Reviews On My Ecommerce Site?

The e-commerce landscape, without a doubt, has changed and evolved a lot in the last few years. The addition of online reviews has made a monumental difference in online sales, and have impacted ecommerce stores in both good and bad ways. Shoppers are attracted to products with good reviews, but at the same time, a plethora of bad reviews can scare away customers for good.

Since the legalization of industrial hemp, many retailers have started selling cannabidiol products online. However, those that are new to the ecommerce side of things may be on the fence about whether or not to include product reviews on their website. They wonder, do the pros outweigh the cons? Thinking critically about your marketing strategy is important, so this is a good question to ask.

Here’s what you need to know about including product reviews on your CBD ecommerce site.

Is It a Good Idea to Post Product Reviews for CBD?

Generally speaking, yes. Adding product reviews to a website is common practice and the CBD industry is no exception. Why? Because when you use product reviews strategically, they can serve as a powerful piece of social evidence to persuade customers. Product reviews build trust and loyalty. When businesses advocate for their products, it’s one thing, but when customers feel compelled to share their good experience, the testimony is far more powerful.

Furthermore, product reviews have become so common practice that consumers now expect them to be there. Studies indicate that approximately 82% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product. Consumers see product reviews, even bad ones, as evidence that a business exists and isn’t just some online scam. Any website without them is likely to raise some red flags.

What About Bad Reviews?

Bad reviews aren’t great to have, but at the same time, they’re not the end of the world. It’s impossible to please every customer. Some people will never be happy, no matter how good or bad your service is. But other consumers are generally aware and understanding of this fact. One bad review isn’t going to ruin your business. Plus, most review platforms out there these days provide businesses with the ability to respond to reviews. So even if someone does leave you with a scathing review, you can still redeem yourself with a polite reply.

Benefits of Including Reviews on Your Ecommerce Site

As mentioned earlier, seeking out product reviews on ecommerce sites has become a standard part of the buying process. That means if you are a CBD retailer who buys CBD creams, edibles, or oils in wholesale quantities and sells them online, it is important to add reviews to your ecommerce site. Having product reviews on your site will help your customers make an informed decision and boost your credibility.

Here are a few benefits of adding product reviews to your CBD business’ website:

  • Positive reviews or feedback on CBD products may change people’s perception of your brand
  • Good reviews encourage customers to buy products and increase sales
  • Presenting unbiased information creates trust
  • Builds credibility, brand recognition, and customer loyalty

How Can You Encourage Customers to Write Product Reviews?

Try these two strategies to encourage customers to write product reviews for your website.

  • Send CBD retailers and reviewers a friendly email to encourage them to give a review
  • Make reviewing a hassle-free process
  • Offer a monetary incentive, discount, or loyalty points for leaving reviews
  • Interact with customers that leave product reviews on social media, and give them thank you shout outs

Adding product reviews on your CBD eCommerce site offers plenty of benefits. From building trust to strengthening your relationship with customers, it can help you improve your brand identity and increase your sales. However, if you want your customers to leave glowing reviews, it’s important to start by delivering good customer service and high quality CBD products.

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