Should I Target a Specific Demographic for My CBD Products?

As a CBD startup, it is crucial to really consider your marketing strategy. 96% of cannabis startups fail in their first year compared to 30% of small businesses. The CBD industry already has major frontrunners that sell products targeted to the general public. We don’t recommend competing with these large, established companies.

Differentiating Your CBD Startup

The best way to differentiate your company is by targeting a specific demographic. Finding a niche market can be really beneficial for startups and small businesses. Incorporating this into your product branding strategy can help create a specialty line of CBD products that make your intended customer feel special. Marketing special formulations for specific demographics is a great way to make your products more appealing than all the other general CBD products out there.

Learn More About Demographic Marketing Strategy for Your CBD Startup

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on the best marketing strategies for your CBD startup! Finding ways to better differentiate your company is crucial for any small business. Finding the target demographic that speaks to you and your products can be mutually beneficial. For more information regarding demographic marketing for your CBD startup, please contact us!