What Are the Current Social Media Advertising Rules Regarding CBD?

So, you’ve done your homework, taken the effort to find the best wholesale CBD products for your business, and now you’re ready to start advertising. Since the DEA still classifies CBD as a Schedule I drug with the exception of FDA-approved CBD drugs as Schedule V drugs, all major digital ad platforms share the same sentiment. Currently, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest, and Twitter all have similar restrictions with prohibited CBD advertising. Advertising CBD products can get your account shut down. There are currently a few exceptions for CBD social media advertising.

Facebook CBD Advertising

Facebook prohibits any drug-related advertising. However, Facebook has relaxed its ban on all CBD advertising, allowing certain ads for topical hemp. These ads can’t mention CBD but they can direct to landing pages that feature ingestible hemp and topical CBD. Facebook still prohibits ads for ingestible hemp and CBD.

Instagram CBD Advertising

Facebook owns Instagram, making the advertising regulations the same. Topical hemp items can be advertised with no mention of CBD or ingestible products. Instagram doesn’t regulate CBD posts generated from your company’s profile, affiliate sponsors, or any other shared content that doesn’t fall into paid advertising.

Twitter CBD Advertising

Twitter prohibits any illegal drug, recreational drug, or herbal drug advertising. Their ad policy only applies to paid advertising, so you can still tweet about your CBD products.

Learn More About Social Media Advertising for CBD Products

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on the best marketing practices for your CBD company. If you’re interested in running social media ads on Facebook or Instagram, make sure that your ads follow their regulations. Don’t risk having your account shut down and be mindful that there are other options for running ads in the digital space. For more information regarding social media advertising for your CBD company, please contact us!