What’s the Best Way to Provide COAs for Wholesale CBD?

For companies that are starting to get wholesale CBD inquiries, offering your own wholesale program may be highly beneficial for your business. When it comes to running a wholesale program, you’ll need to create your own wholesale pricing, understand your supply capabilities, and include COAs. Here are some different ways of providing COAs for your wholesale CBD:

How to Provide COAs for Your Wholesale CBD

wholesale cbd coa

  • Electronic PDF: Emailing your COAs in electronic PDF form provides a versatile option for businesses. This is a great way for them to add COAs to their website, include it with product shipments, and more.
  • QR Codes: If your products have QR codes that allow your clients to directly access your COAs, then your wholesale client can utilize this same methodology. When purchasing wholesale CBD from you, make sure to maintain the same packaging with these QR codes.
  • Website: Maintaining your COAs on your website is always a good option even if you’re already including QR codes on your products. Companies that purchase products from you can also gain access to COAs via your website.

Things to Consider for Your Wholesale CBD Program

Always make sure you have the proper supply chain already facilitated before taking wholesale orders. There’s no worse feeling than having the demand but not being able to deliver the supply. If you’re new to wholesale pricing, a standard formula you can follow is:

Wholesale Price = (Labor + Materials) x 2 to 2.5

Work with the Nation’s Leading Wholesale CBD Supplier

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