2017: A big year for hemp and for Hemp Depot

A recent report confirms what many of us in the cannabiodiol (CBD) industry already knew; that demand for hemp-derived CBD has gained strong momentum across the country this past year.

The 2017 Hemp Crop Report, released in late October by the advocacy group Vote Hemp, says hemp cultivation in the U.S more than doubled this year – from slightly less than 10,000 acres in 2016 to more than 23,300 acres for 2017.

Vote Hemp says 2017 saw nearly 25,000 acres of hemp grown in 19 states; with 1,456 state hemp licenses issued and 32 universities conducting research on the plant.

The report also notes that Colorado has led the nation when it comes to the amount of hemp cultivated, and Hemp Depot is proud to have been part of that effort.

2017 has been a red-letter year for us. This past harvest was the company’s largest and most successful to date; with us bringing in around five times the amount of hemp that we did in 2016.

And thanks to the growing popularity of our unique Otto brand of hemp seeds, we expect 2018 to be another year of record growth for our operations.

As the top distributor of domestic CBD in the country, we have built our reputation on providing consumers with the highest-quality CBD available.

Our THC-free, hemp-derived CBD products also come from U.S.-grown, unadulterated hemp seeds, hemp oil, clones and flowers, unlike some of the questionable imported products currently flooding the North American market.

.As we approach the three-year anniversary of Home Depot and its subsidiary companies, we are proud to be part of the CBD industry’s vanguard.

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