A Look at Premium Products from Denver’s Largest Cannabis Companies (Photos)

Anyone paying the slightest attention to the cannabis market knows there are more products out there now than ever before. In this article, the Denver Business Journal asked Denver’s largest cannabis companies to submit their three most expensive products. Most companies do focus on keeping their pricing affordable to reach a wide array of customers. 

Some companies submitted items such as topicals, edibles and hemp oils. Hemp Depot, a CBD focused company,  submitted their three most expensive products: varying quantities of their Cibadol Zero- THC Free CBD Tinctures. The 7,200 mg bottle costs $225, the 3,600 mg costs $115, and the lowest quantity, most affordable would be the 1,800 mg bottle at $65. Hemp Depot recommends taking it straight by places a drop under your tongue, or adding it to your favorite drink once or twice a day.


Moisturizers and tinctures might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to legal cannabis. But as the fast-growing industry evolves, companies are continuing to develop premium products that include everything from edibles to pre-rolls to topical treatments.

At Denver Business Journal, we were curious to see what kinds of products are inhabiting the upper echelon of Colorado’s legal cannabis market. So we asked the companies on our inaugural list of Denver-area cannabis companies to submit photos of the three most expensive products they’re currently selling.

The slideshow provides a look at the premium products that each company has on the market today. Most, if not all, of these companies aim to reach customers with affordable pricing. But products can see a bump in retail price due to their novelty, higher strengths or the costlier processes required to produce them.

Click through the slideshow above to see the most expensive products these Colorado companies are currently selling. And be sure to check out our list of cannabis companies, ranked by number of full-time employees in the Denver area.



Article: A Look at Premium Products from Denver’s Largest Cannabis Companies, Denver Business Journal



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