A New Look for Cibadol Pills: Soft Gel Capsules

Cibadol soft gel capsules

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The market for cannabidiol, or CBD, keeps expanding. And Cibadol, a division of Hemp Depot, continues to  expand and innovate with that growing demand.

Our company has already developed a strong customer base with our high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products. And now we’re pleased to announce that all the pill versions of our potent CBD supplements will be available as soft gel capsules.

These gel caps mean consumers no longer have to worry about oily capsules and potential leakage. They also ensure an even higher level of quality, since gel caps not only have a longer shelf life but are much more difficult to leak or break while being transported.

Another plus is that Gel caps are more readily absorbed into the body; and this increased “bio-availability” means a more immediate delivery of the benefits of CBD into a person’s system.

This changeover affects all of our pill products, including our new “Cibadol Zero” product line, which contains absolutely no THC. The Hemp Business Journal, as quoted by Forbes, estimates the CBD market will see $2.1 billion in consumer sales within the next four years – a seven-fold increase when compared to 2016 figures — with $450 million of that figure coming from “hemp-based sources.”

Cibadol is proud to be part of this CBD vanguard and we invite you to get to know our wide range of potent and consistently high-quality products that are legal across the United States.

We’re happy to answer your questions, too: just go to our Contact Us page.

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