A new year, a new look at CBD

The holiday season is a time when many of us reflect on the New Year ahead.  And along with all those New Year resolutions – promises of a better diet, a healthier lifestyle, more peace of mind – many consumers are looking towards cannabidiol (CBD) as a way to help them start off 2018 on a positive note.

Demand for CBD is growing globally, and since 2015 Tru Organics has been here to help make sure that our customers have access to products made from the highest-quality, USA-grown hemp available on the market.

The entire line of Tru Organics CBD products is free of pesticides and herbicides, and it’s constantly tested for the highest levels of quality and consistency.

We’ve also introduced soft gel capsules, which are not only cleaner and easier to digest but more durable.

And as more people consider CBD as part of their lifestyle, Tru Organics has also gone out of the way to make our CBD more affordable; with the majority of our products available for under $60 per unit.

So if you’re new to the world of cannabidiol, make 2018 the year you discover CBD, and all the ways it can benefit you.

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