Autumn Harvest Time and the Promise Ahead

The end of summer and start of autumn is harvest time for many of the local agricultural operations here in the Rockies, and that includes our hemp plants.

This is already turning into a landmark year for Hemp Depot. We’re preparing to harvest about 50,000 pounds of hemp, or about five times the amount we produced last year, as we keep up with growing consumer and corporate demand for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products.

We also expect to be at full capacity by this time next year; with our production projected to again increase five-fold from current levels. And our Otto brand of hemp seeds is proving its versatility and potency, as we continue to develop hemp with even higher ratios of CBD.

For those unfamiliar with hemp, our harvest and processing breaks down like this:

· All of our plants are hand-harvested from our field.

· Once the branches are removed, we take the hemp stock and place it on racks in our climate-controlled drying facility.

· When the plant material has dried we run it through a hammer mill, to create a fine powder of homogenized, whole-plant material that includes the hemp leaf and bud.

· That powder is then taken to an extraction facility where, through a state-of-the-art process, we create some of the highest-quality CBD products in the world.

Hemp Depot is proud of our reputation as the top distributor of domestic CBD in the country. We also value our commitment to provide you with the highest-quality CBD hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp clones and flowers available.

This is a very busy time of year for us, but we’re always available if you want to chat with us. Just click on the website’s Contact page for more information.