CBD: Much More Than a Trend

You know something has gone mainstream when television’s venerable Today Show starts covering it. And that’s exactly happened recently, when the program reported on cannabidiol (CBD) as a “buzzy trend in the wellness world,” and the “latest ingredient everybody’s talking about.”

But many CBD consumers will tell you that cannabidiol is much more than a trend. While fashion and lifestyle magazines may report on CBD products as the latest “thing,” researchers have been taking a very close look at cannabidiol’s potential health benefits for some time now. There are also a growing number of people who have already introduced CBD products into their lives.

Tru Organics has been a proud part of the CBD vanguard since 2015; producing our line of high-quality, high-potency and stringently-tested CBD products from American-grown hemp.

We pride ourselves on taking pains and going that extra step, to ensure that the creams, tinctures and pills you purchase from us are not only the best and purest CBD supplements on the market, but are also some of the most affordable available anywhere.

Our CBD is grown under standards approved by the Organic Materials Institute (ORMI), and is free of herbicides and pesticides.

And we’re constantly fine-tuning our products to make them as user-friendly as possible. For example, all of Tru Organics’ pills are now available as soft gel capsules; which are safer, more durable and more easily absorbed into the body – so you can experience the benefits of CBD faster than before.

A lot of companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon, but we’re proud of Tru Organics’ well-established track record – as well as our growing reputation for quality products.

We’re happy to answer your questions, too: just go to our Contact Us page.



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