CBD: Now a global phenomenon

The growing demand for cannabis oil is much more than a North American event. Last year the British government announced that cannabidiol (CBD) was found to have a “restoring, correcting or modifying” effect on “physiological functions” when administered to humans. As a result, the UK began to allow the limited sale of CBD.

And now a report from the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) UK says the number of CBD oil users around the United Kingdom has doubled in one year’s time – with about 1,000 new users each month.

Mike Harlington, the CTA UK’s chairman, says both professionals and the general public are catching on to CBD’s benefits.

“Cannabinoid deficiencies are starting to become understood by the medical world,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper, “and it is slowly becoming obvious that cannabinoids like CBD are actually essential for general health and wellbeing.”

We’re encouraged by such events, and proud that Cibadol has been part of the international CBD vanguard for the past several years.

We’ve also been developing a reputation among our peers worldwide. Our CBD comes from hemp grown in Colorado. These plants are raised using organic standards and are constantly monitored for purity, potency and quality.

As a result, our product line of extra-strength cannabidiol (CBD) supplements has developed a strong, loyal and growing customer base; of people who look to Cibadol as their source for high-quality and hemp-derived CBD, grown and produced under strict purity standards here in the United States.

As a division of Hemp Depot, Cibadol has also benefited from some company-wide production breakthroughs. This year we have unveiled our new “Cibadol Zero” product line, which contains absolutely no THC. We’ve also have made available to our customers CBD supplements in soft gel capsules; which are more durable, easier to use and which allow the cananbidiol to be more readily absorbed into the body.

Cibadol now delivers orders to customers in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries; and we’re looking forward to continue helping the world discover the benefits of CBD.

If you’re already one of our customers, thank you for your trust in us and our commitment to bringing you the best CBD products available on the market. And if you’re new to CBD, we’re ready to help you get started and happy to answer your questions: just go to our Contact Us page.

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