Do’s and Don’ts for your Pet this Autumn

Autumn can be a great time to be outdoors for both you and your pets. But the change of season can also bring some new challenges for responsible pet owners. Here are a few tips from the ASPCA about how to “fall-proof” your animal companions as we head into winter:

Steer clear of wildlife — A lot of animals, including snakes and other reptiles, are getting ready to hibernate. Many are already getting themselves settled in to rock walls, crevasses and other spots near human habitation. Keeping your pet out of those areas will prevent the possibility of bites.

Watch out for poisons – This is the time of year when people and businesses put out poisons to keep rats, mice and other animals from migrating indoors. Those poisons can be highly toxic to pets — so if you’re planning to use them be sure your pets cannot access them.

Mushroom Alert – Autumn is mushroom season in many parts of the U.S. And while most mushrooms are harmless, a small percentage of the fungi are highly toxic. With that in mind, make sure your furry friends stay away from the mushrooms.

School supplies are a no-no – Back-to-school means new purchases of very chewable academic items like magic markers, glue sticks and pencils. They may be important to your child, but school supplies can mean several gastrointestinal upset for your pet – or even intestinal blockage – if eaten or swallowed.

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