Hemp Depot’s autumn harvest yields new company records for high-quality CBD hemp

Colorado (October 16, 2017) – Hemp Depot, the top distributor of domestic CBD in the country, is wrapping up its summer growing season with some record numbers.

“Despite concerns about the weather, including an early-October snowstorm here in Colorado, we’ve had a very successful autumn harvest,” says company co-founder Andy Rodosevich. “Over a six-day span, and thanks to the efforts of 40 people, we were able to hand-harvest close to 50,000 pounds of our high-quality hemp; all of which has a CBD concentration of around 10 percent.”

As demand for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products continues to grow, Rodosevich notes that Hemp Depot is gearing up to meet that demand.

“This year we’ve brought in about five times the amount of hemp we produced in 2016 — and we expect to produce about five times more than our current amount in 2018,” he says.

These changes come as both consumer and corporate appetites for CBD products increase. For example, the natural foods chain Lucky’s Market recently announced it was starting to carry hemp-derived CBD products nationally in its stores; a move its founder described as a “positive disruption” that helps its customers find the CBD products they’re requesting.

“Our THC-free, hemp-derived CBD products come from pure, unadulterated hemp seeds, clones and flowers,” adds Rodosevich. “We’re proud to be part of the vanguard of a rapidly-expanding and nationally-legal CBD industry that we expect will benefit consumers for generations to come.”

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