New Tru Organics Products for the New Year

Like all New Years, 2018 begins with hope and the promise of new opportunities. And as we enter our fourth year in business, Tru Organics is working to help our customers build on the promises they’ve made to themselves; to make CBD part of a better healthier approach to their lifestyles.

We’re grateful at how demand for our non-GMO, full spectrum, hemp-derived cannabidiol  (CBD) oil has grown over the years. And to accommodate that rising demand, Tru Organics is starting the New Year with some new products.

Our best-selling CBD tincture is now available in both 900 and 1,800 milligram bottles. Those larger sizes mean CBD can now be readily available as a regular part of your daily routine – whether as a supplement to foods or beverages, or even taken “straight” out of the bottle.

We’ve also been working to ensure that our top-quality CBD products remain affordable to consumers. And these new 900 and 1,800 mg. products are part of that commitment.

Tru Organics also prides itself on our strict production guidelines when it comes to purity, quality and consistency. And that painstaking detail has yielded positive results for us; as we deliver our products to customers all across the U.S. and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

So whether you’re already a CBD enthusiast or someone new to cannabidiol, we welcome you to discover what Tru Organics’ CBD products can do for you as you begin the New Year.

We’re always ready and happy to answer your questions, too: just go to our Contact Us page.



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