Pure Pet: a CBD supplement for all seasons

North America is preparing for winter, and a lot of us are welcoming the return of colder temperatures.

But that change in the weather can also exacerbate arthritis and other afflictions in pets. And a growing number of pet owners have been turning to cannabidiol (CBD) as part of their pet’s health regimen, to help with those ailments.

That increasing interest also means more people are looking at hemp-derived CBD supplements from Pure Pet.

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers since our start in 2015. And we’re grateful to hear about how our Pure Pet line of products, made from high-quality CBD extracts, have helped improve the quality of life for our customer’s pets.

But that’s hardly a secret. Word is getting out about the potential benefits that CBD can have for our animal companions.

At its summer conference this year, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) approved a recommendation that its board of directors “investigate working with other research organizations and medical stakeholders to reclassify cannabis… to facilitate research opportunities for veterinary and human medical uses.”

These growing calls for additional medical research into the uses of CBD for animals are underscoring what many pet owners already know: that CBD can play a positive role in a pet’s health and lifestyle.

We’re here to help. Our Pure Pet staff is available via the “Contact” section of this web site to help you decide which of our supplements – available in pill, oil or tincture – make the most sense for your companion’s size and condition. We also make such dosing easy, thanks to flavorings that make our supplements an easy addition to your animal companion’s diet.

No matter what season we’re in, think of Pure Pet products when you consider CBD supplements for your furry friends.



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