Take Time to “Winterize” Your Pet

Winterize your pet

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We’re heading into the colder and darker winter months here in North America, and most likely your animal companions have also noticed the change in season.

This is the time of year when both indoor and outdoor pets need extra care. Here are some tips from a variety of experts.

If it’s too cold outside for you, it’s too cold for your pet – Even pets that are used to the outdoors need shelter and warmth in the winter months. Let your pets come inside when it gets cold. Jennifer Shinn of the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman, Montana advises keeping all cats indoors this time of year.

Think about winter clothing for your four-legged friend – “For short hair dogs, (a) coat or sweater is useful because they just don’t have the warmth from their own coat,” say Shinn. She also recommends booties, petroleum jelly or special sprays for the dog’s feet, to prevent ice from building up in between their toes.

Increase their food intake – Any pet that is spending any time outdoors in the winter is burning through calories, and needs some extra food to stay healthy and active.

Keep them hydrated – Just like during the hot summer months, your pets can become dehydrated in winter too. Keep bowls of room-temperature water handy.

Keep them exercised – Help fight off winter weight gain and boredom by keeping your animal companion moving. And if it’s too cold outside, you can come up with indoor games.

Create a place where they can clean up, warm up and dry off – Wet floors and dripping-wet pets are one set of issues created by animal companions coming back inside after a romp in the cold. But be sure to clean them of any ice, rock salt and other irritants they may have collected outside. It’s a good idea to also check their paws, legs and tails for possible frostbite. Once your pet is thoroughly dried off ensure they have warm bedding they can return to, to avoid getting sick.

Avoid baths – Besides making a dog’s skin dry, too many baths in the winter can remove a lot of their fur’s insulating oils. Consider dry shampoos as an alternative.

Make sure your car is pet-free when you’re not there – Cats and other outdoor animals looking for shelter might consider the warm spots around your car’s engine a great find in the winter. So you might want to bang a couple of times on your vehicle’s hood before starting it up; to make sure you don’t have any stowaways. Also remember that temperatures inside a car in winter can drop rapidly when the vehicle’s heater isn’t running.

There are things you do can do year-round to ensure your pet stays healthy.  Pure Pet’s line of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) extract products have been designed to improve your animal companion’s quality of life.

We’ve been helping pets since 2015 with our hemp-derived CBD supplements. Whether your furry friend stays indoors or likes to run outdoors, we’re here to assist you.

If you need help in deciding which of our CBD supplements – available in pill, oil or tincture – make the most sense for you, feel free to start a conversation with our Pure Pet staff via the “Contact” section of this web site.

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