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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil Distributors

When it comes to buying CBD, it’s important to research the distributor. No two companies are created equally. Different distributors follow different sets of standards, as well as quality assurance. This article focuses on 11 different distributors, including Hemp Depot, that are big in the CBD industry. 

Hemp Depot ranks high among distributors. With their products grown in-house at their licensed Colorado farms, they are able to assure top of the line products from start to finish. Sourced from Otto II and BaOX cannabis strains, Hemp Depot products are customly formulated to ensure  their oils and concentrates contain the correct amount of active cannabinoids. In addition to third party testing, Hemp Depot practices sustainable, non GMO organic farming to guarantee their products are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and additives. A quality company, like Hemp Depot, certifies a quality product for their consumers.



If you’re interested in selling CBD oil, you’re not alone. An ever-increasing amount of research points to CBD oil as a way to relieve a wide range of physical and mental ailments, which is causing an unprecedented number of consumers to try it and regularly use it. In response to this growing interest, more retailers are looking to sell it and, of course, more and more distributors are popping up to meet the demand. But not all distributors are created equal.

Ensuring that you’re buying CBD oil from the right distribution company can be tricky business given all of the legal and growing guidelines and regulations, so you definitely want to do your research before deciding on one. Whichever company you choose should make their quality control and lab-testing practices clear as well as be willing to provide you with certificates of analysis (COAs) for any products you’re interested in. Additionally, they should have information at the ready with respect to where, exactly, their product comes from and be knowledgeable about every step of the product’s journey from seed to sale.

The following CBD oil distributors are some of the biggest in the game and are great places to start on your hunt for the best distributor for your needs.

Entourage Nutritional Distributors

This company distributes exclusively from the largest Colorado Department of Agriculture organic hemp farms in the United States. Their CBD oil is non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free, and high-grade, and they’ll match the price of any competitor you bring to them. Additionally, they’re vocal about not being fans of European CBD, but provide full traceability from seed to sale if EU hemp is what you have your heart set on.

US Hemp Wholesale

US Hemp Wholesale specializes in hemp nutritional products and dietary supplements. All of their products are laboratory tested by third parties in multiple facilities to ensure quality and consistency. They also offer custom labeling services and custom formulations so brands can create products unique to them. Moreover, they’re based in MIchigan, FDA compliant, and adhere to all GMP standards.


HempMeds is the first hemp distribution company to build a global pipeline that imports hemp oil from Europe and exports to customers nationwide. All of their hemp is non-GMO and grown on a cooperative of 750 family farms in Northern Europe. Additionally, the plants are cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Finally, each of their products is tested three times before shipping to ensure it’s consistent and free of pollutants.

Green Roads Wholesale

This distribution company uses CO2 extract methods to ensure customers receive the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals from the natural plant. Their oil testing is done through independent labs using HPLC testing methods and they have both certificates of analysis and potency reports available for your review. Moreover, all of their plants are United States’ grown using organic farming practices.


This company also uses CO2 extraction methods to ensure purity and quality of the oil and to avoid chemical solvents. Additionally, they’re in full command of the seed to sale process, including growing, formulation, testing, manufacturing, and fulfillment. Each of their products is third-party tested and certified, and their certificates of analysis are available to download for free from the website. And they offer training and marketing materials to help you sell your product as well as international shipping and warehousing.

BeFIT Lifestyle

All of BeFIT Lifestyle’s products are grown and processed in the United States and are free of pesticides and genetic manipulations.  They also use the entire plant to create full spectrum CBD oil that’s free of THC without the use of dilution methods. Finally, the company, like the others on this list, employs third-party lab testing to ensure the accuracy of the results and that the product is pure, consistent, and of high quality.

Kind Xtractors

Kind Xtractors promises CBD oil that is ethically sourced, lab tested, and produced at the highest quality standards. Their products are all grown in the United States with a propitiatory organic extraction process that enables a full spectrum entourage effect.  This company is also the only distribution company that offers both hemp extraction and distribution services, so their process is heavily streamlined.

NuLeaf Naturals

This is another company that uses CO2 extraction methods to ensure that heat doesn’t degrade the product and solvents don’t pollute it. All of their products are US-grown on licensed farms in Colorado using 100% organic and non-GMO practices. They also employ rigorous third-party lab testing that checks for the optimal amount of CBD and makes certain concentrates are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

CBD Oil Manufacturer

All of the hemp products from CBD Oil Manufacturer come from licensed family farms in Oregon and Colorado. Each batch of CBD oil undergoes analysis from a high pressure liquid chromatography system, a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system, and other methods testing for aerobic organisms, yeast, fungus, E. coli, pesticides, and heavy metals. After that testing, the company takes it a step further and analyzes the product for purity and potency.

Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences utilizes complete vertical integration, which means they control every aspect of the supply chain from farming to extraction to testing and manufacturing. All of their product is grown in Colorado under strict guidelines and 100% organic farming practices, and their hemp is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. Additionally, they adhere to Good Manufacturing Processes and ensure all of their products are tested by third-party labs.

Hemp Depot

All of the hemp at Hemp Depot is grown in-house at licensed Colorado farms. The company also custom formulates oils and concentrates to ensure the precision of active cannabinoids requested. The oil is sourced from Otto II and BaOx cannabis strains and is lab-tested by third parties as well as insured and certified. Moreover, Hemp Depot uses only sustainable, non-GMO organic farming practices and makes certain that there are no preservatives, artificial flavors, additives, or dyes in their oils.


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