What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the most abundant chemical compounds found in industrial hemp (cannabis). Of the hundreds of natural components found within the plant, CBD falls under the sub-class of compounds known as cannabinoids. Different than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the well-known chemical found in cannabis that is psychoactive, causing a “high”, CBD does not induce an intoxicating or psychoactive effect. Because CBD does not cause the high that THC does, it has unique medical and scientific qualities.

What is CBD?

CBD is extracted from specific varieties of the cannabis plant known to have elevated levels of CBD while having under 0.3% THC, allowing it to be classified as industrial hemp. Industrial hemp growers separate CBD from the other chemical compounds in hemp to make a number of different products. A common and popular use for the non-psychoactive chemical from hemp comes in the form of CBD oil. There are many types of hemp CBD oil products available.

The most potent of all the CBD products is CBD isolate. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and quality tested for purity. It is then further refined into a powder containing 99%+ pure CBD. Pure CBD isolate contains no additives or preservatives, and contains the highest concentration of CBD.

Another way for consumers to get their daily dose of full-spectrum hemp oil is through CBD capsules or pills. As many people take their morning multivitamin or fish oil capsule, many are including CBD capsules, gaining the benefits of CBD oil in an easy and convenient form.

CBD tinctures, and liquids (often sold in a syringe) are another popular way people are incorporating hemp CBD oil into their daily regimen. These liquid forms are made by diluting pure hemp CBD oil into a natural oil base such as MCT oil.

As an alternative to oral consumption, CBD oil topical applications like salves, balms, and creams that can be rubbed directly on the skin, muscles, and joints are used to help bring attention to the body and deliver soothing effects.

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