TRU Organics CBG Tincture – 900mg

TRU Organics CBG Tincture – 900mg

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Our potent CBG tincture features 900mg of pure, hemp-derived CBG isolate sourced from our own Colorado farms. Also referred to as “the stem cell of the hemp plant”, CBG is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid that’s present at low levels, usually less than 1%, in most cannabis strains. In order to achieve our highly-concentrated tincture, we’ve spent years in research and development breeding high CBG hemp genetics, utilizing our proprietary extraction process, and innovating with our industry-leading expertise. While CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid due to its low-occurring levels, this unique molecule is gaining momentum with more scientific research and public interest. Formulated with MCT coconut oil, our CBG tincture offers full versatility. Enjoy sublingually, add to your favorite recipes, or even apply it topically. Mix and match with your favorite CBD products for your own custom cannabinoid therapy routine!

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Tru Organics CBG Tincture

Cannabigerol has gained immense traction in the cannabis community in recent years. Scientists now recognize its potential as a powerful natural agent that may help promote bodily and mental wellness. Tru Organics High CBG Oil Tincture makes it easy to access the benefits of cannabigerol and incorporate it into everyday activities.

This premium CBG tincture features a sophisticated blend of natural oils and pure CBG isolate, and is designed to facilitate maximum cannabinoid absorption. Sunflower lecithin and MCT oil make it easier for the body to take in CBG so that it can be readily used throughout all twelve systems. Upon consumption, CBG may help support numerous biological functions, including immune system activity, inflammation, sleep/wake cycles, and immune system operations. 

Why Add Tru Organics CBG Tincture to Your Daily Routine?

Tru Organics is one of the first brands to add a CBG tincture to its product line. CBG naturally appears in limited quantities, but we’ve figured out a process that has allowed us to increase its predominance. Through years of research and testing, we’ve developed a method that allows us to grow CBG rich hemp plants. Tru Organics is at the forefront of this innovation.

By using Tru Organics CBG Tincture, you can experience the benefits of cannabigerol for yourself. Use it on a daily basis or as needed to address specific symptoms. Our CBG is held to the highest standards and is free of harmful toxins, pesticides, and herbicides, so you can gain peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product that’s 100% pure and safe. 


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Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides), Sunflower Lecithin, CBG Isolate

Tru Organics CBG Tincture - 900 MG

  • Expertly formulated with 900 mg of CBG isolate extracted from high CBG hemp plants grown and nurtured on our farms in Colorado Springs
  • Contains a mixture of MCT oil and sunflower lecithin which help aid in cannabinoid absorption
  • Versatile tincture form allows for a variety of administration methods, including ingestion, topical application, and sublingual use
  • CBG shows promise for its ability to possibly reduce inflammation, alleviate intraocular pressure, provide relief from psoriasis, prevent tumor growth, and fight serious infections like staphylococcus
(2 customer reviews)



Tru Organics is a trusted brand of all natural CBD prodcuts. We’re different from our competitors because of our unyielding commitment to high standards. Our seed to label model guarantees that you get the purest and most effective products. When you buy Tru Organics, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you're buying products that are safe, healthy, and made from the earth.


Tru Organics is one of the most highly regarded CBD brands in the world. Businesses and CBD connoisseurs alike trust our products.


Tru Organics hemp products have been thoroughly tested in a controlled, sterile environment by an independent third party.


Stay true to you and your values. Tru Organics CBG products are non-psychoactive, so they will not change your mental state.


Tru Organics CBG Tincture is a new innovation that's sparking interest everywhere.

“Ever since I added Tru Organics to my store, customers have been buying it like crazy. So when I saw that they had a new tincture made with CBG, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I started selling it and my customers loved it right away. And after trying it for myself, I can see why! ”

Lisa T.




Apply Tru Organics CBG Tincture under the tongue, topically, or in a drink!



2 reviews for TRU Organics CBG Tincture – 900mg

  1. Aayat Maddox

    Great product. CBG is unique and perfect for what I need.

  2. Tylar P.

    These CBG capsules are perfect for my everyday life. Wonderful product!

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