TRU Organics Tablets – AM

TRU Organics Tablets – AM

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Our uncoated, sugar-free pressed energy tablets are formulated with pure CBD isolate that’s sourced directly from our own Colorado hemp farms. With only 4 ingredients, our allergy-friendly, vegan energy pills are perfect for achieving that natural boost of energy to help you conquer the day. Available in 10mg or 30mg CBD options, our revolutionary tablets may offer all the incredible benefits of caffeine but without the negative side effects. Enjoy a more balanced effect without the shakey comedown from energy drinks and artificial ingredients. Our clean energy formula includes vitamin C and B12 for helping promote natural energy production within the body. Start achieving trū health today!

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Tru Organics CBD Tablets for Daytime Energy

Tru Organics CBD tablets for daytime energy are made with a blend of clean ingredients that have been carefully selected based on their distinct ability to boost energy levels and metabolic functions. Our proprietary formula is based on research conducted by our in-house team of chemists and cannabinoid experts. These CBD pills are designed to heighten your response to stimuli and improve neural activity, helping you feel motivated and energized.

The effects of Vitamin C and B12 are amplified by powerful hemp terpenes, and, once consumed, produce a stimulating effect. You’ll experience an improvement in mood, information retention, and concentration, and feel alert and awake. These tablets can give you exactly the fuel you need to take the world by storm.

Why Take Tru Organics CBD Tablets for Energy?

Tru Organics CBD tablets can help you feel awake without the over-stimulation, shakiness, and anxiety you experience from other products. Our tablets are packed full of healthy vitamins and are designed to nourish and support your body’s natural functions. Taking CBD in a tablet form is more comfortable for people who are unused to using tinctures, topicals, and isolate, and is a virtually tasteless experience. Carry them with you in your backpack, store them in your car, or keep them in your pantry for a quick, convenient pick-me-up, whenever you need it!

Additional information

Tru Organics High CBD Oil Awake Tablets

  • Choose the intensity that you want to experience. Our CBD tablets are available in 10 and 30 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Made with vegan ingredients and are allergy friendly
  • Vitamin C and B12 are clean ingredients that boost brain and bodily functions, resulting in heightened energy levels and awareness 
  • Formulated with pure cannabidiol isolate extracted from plants grown on our Colorado farms
  • Small packaging allows for easy storage and discreet use
(2 customer reviews)



Tru Organics is a globally renowned brand trusted by CBD enthusiasts everywhere. Our seed to sale model sets us apart from all other competitors in our industry, and guarantees a satisfactory experience. 


Tru Organics products are brought to you by Hemp Depot, a globally renowned CBD distributor and manufacturer.


Transparency is everything. Our products are third party lab tested so you can feel confident with each use.


Experience the benefits of cannabis without the risks. Tru Organics CBD Awake Pills are safe to use and will not alter your mental clarity.


Be the best human you can be. Tru Organics AM CBD Pills provide the energizing, refreshing boost that you need.

“When CBD became popular, my customers started asking about it a lot. I searched around and found Tru Organics energy tablets. I bought some and started offering it at my coffee shop. My customers love it.”

Arnold M.




Take Tru Organics Awake Tablets in the morning or whenever you need an energetic boost!



2 reviews for TRU Organics Tablets – AM

  1. Samantha Koffman

    these energy pills work great! I take one in the morning before work. The effects are very subtle, but I definitely feel more energized and focused. Great alternative to energy drinks.

  2. Mark P

    I love the AM cbd capsules. They add a little boost in my energy every morning.

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