Cibadol ZERO - 99+% Pure CBD Isolate SLAB

Cibadol ZERO


Description: 1,000mg of CBD Isolate from CIBADOL - made up of 99%+ pure CBD. If you are in search of a product that that provides the maximum amount of CBD, then your search ends at this excellent product! We makes sure that each batch gets quality tested so that the customers get nothing but 99%+ pure CBD!

Why should you buy our products: Hemp Depot ensures that each and every CBD isolate product is non-GMO, 99% pure CBD isolate. We take pride in our manufacturing process and use hemp that has been grown using organic farming practices. We  understand the importance of delivering high quality products, that's why we invest in continuous product improvement – so that we can get the best for you.

Ingredients:  CBD Isolate

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