CBD Rules and Regulations: Resources and Guidelines

Hemp Depot is proud to be the nation’s leading CBD wholesaler and CBD manufacturer. We’re humbled to provide all the current rules and regulations on CBD. The CBD industry has complex legality along with unique FDA regulations. With the constantly-changing rules and CBD product regulations, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding in order to minimize your liability, protect your customers, and ensure your business remains in good legal standing. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for within these articles, please feel free to contact us!

can children use cbd

Can Children Use CBD?

2018 was an important year for CBD. Not only did the 2018 Farm Bill make CBD and hemp legal at the federal level, but the FDA approved Epidiolex, an oral

Can the Police Confiscate My CBD Shipment

Can the Police Confiscate My CBD Shipment?

You may have heard news stories on CBD shipments being confiscated in various parts of the nation, understandably fueling concern for your business. The legality of CBD can be quite

cbd products legality usa cbd wholesale

Can You Sell CBD Products Anywhere in the US?

Hemp-derived CBD can be sold anywhere in the US. While there may still be some misconceptions regarding CBD since it is still relatively new, these products can be sold within

private label is-cbd-federally-legal-DEA-scheduling cbd

Is CBD Federally Legal? (DEA scheduling)

After decades of social activism and lobbying, hemp-derived CBD products have finally earned a legal federal status. DEA schedules CBD as a Schedule V Drug, meaning it has the lowest

fda cbd wholesale product monitoring

Does the FDA Monitor CBD Products?

The FDA is currently creating a framework for CBD product regulation. As of now, the industry is under-regulated and the FDA does not have the proper rules and regulations set

Test CBD products

Does the FDA Need to Test My CBD Products?

The FDA is currently working on the framework for CBD industry regulations. The industry is currently under-regulated and there are no laws or regulations regarding the FDA needing to test

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