Are There Companies That Can Make CBD Products for You?

For those that are interested in starting their own CBD company but aren’t formulation savvy, there are companies who can produce CBD products for you. These are some different options that you can consider:

White Labeling and Private Labeling

There are CBD manufacturers and CBD companies that offer white labeling or private labeling. White labeling or private labeling are interchangeable terms that refer to a program where you can brand a finished CBD product as your own. There are wholesalers and manufacturers that don’t sell their own product line and only offer a white label program. There are also CBD companies that offer a white label program for the products they sell.

This is a great opportunity for startups that don’t have the in-house expertise for product formulation. Existing CBD companies can also take advantage of white labeling if they’re interested in expanding their product line.

CBD Custom Formulations

Some of these companies that provide white labeling or private labeling programs also offer custom formulation services. There are also stand-alone companies that offer this service. A custom formulation service allows you to collaborate and create your own custom formulation for your brand without the need to invest in all the manufacturing equipment.

CBD Product Manufacturing

If you do have your own formulations and are looking to outsource the manufacturing process, there are product manufacturing companies that can provide this service for you.

Learn More About CBD Wholesalers and Manufacturing

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. With all the different options available for CBD product manufacturing, startups can focus on other aspects of their business. Take the time to research potential wholesalers, manufacturers, and white label companies to find the best fit for you. For more information regarding CBD product manufacturing, please contact us!