How Much Can I Make by Buying White Label CBD and Selling it in a Retail Store?

Not so many years ago, starting a business in the cannabis and hemp industry was viewed as a risky investment. In early 2020, however, it’s one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States. Today, the surging popularity of hemp-derived products – notably CBD – has given rise to huge numbers of independent CBD businesses.

Are you curious about how much you can make by selling in your retail store? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll show you how an investment in white label CBD can yield big returns for your business.

How Profitable Is White Label CBD for Retailers?

As of April 2020, the FDA does not have any regulations in place around the pricing of CBD products. As consequence, retailers have the freedom to price their products according to their particular brand strategy and market.

Achieving financial success as a CBD retailer is dependent on a number of key factors. These include, most notably, essential pillars of business like marketing, branding, and identifying your target consumer profile. In other words, profit margins will always vary from business to business. That said, there are some generalizations we can make about the profitability of selling white label CBD in today’s market.

Price Averages for Cannabidiol Products Sold in Retail Stores

According to the CBD Awareness Project, most CBD products have a retail price of $0.09 – $0.20 per milligram. That means that retailers can reasonably charge between $45.00 and $100 for a 500mg bottle of CBD oil. However, the price that a retailer should charge depends on a number of factors. These include the original price of the wholesale CBD products, the level of demand within their particular area, the demographic being targeted, and the current market value.

How to Get Started with Selling CBD in your Store

Right now is a great time to start selling hemp products in your retail store. Whether you own a spa, beauty supply store, restaurant, head shop, vitamin supply, gym, or health food store, there’s lots of opportunity. Follow these easy steps to get started with the process:

1. First, consider your audience. What kinds of CBD products are they most likely to be interested in? If you own a hair salon, you may want to consider topicals. But if you’re the owner of a coffee shop, you may prefer having a tincture or isolate you can sell as a side.

2. Next, figure out how much you can spend. What order size do you need? How much of a marginal profit are you looking to make? And how much can you afford to spend for your first order to start with?

2. Now, it’s time to start working on your brand. Next, you’ll want to get to work on creating your brand and product labels. You may want to consider hiring an expert to develop a logo and brand style guidelines. Or, if you’d prefer to keep things low-key, just hire someone to create your labels. At Hemp Depot, this is a service that we are happy to provide. Keep in mind, you may need to add QR codes to your labels.

3. Find a white label supplier and place your order.

4. Finally, you’re ready to make some room on your shelves. Prep your store so that you’ll be ready to sell your products when they arrive. You’ll need somewhere to store your full supply as well as an area where you can keep a smaller supply readily available. You may want to create special signs or brochures to highlight your products.

Investing in hemp products is a great choice for any retail store. Follow the steps above and you’ll become a successful CBD retailer in no time!

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