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If I Add CBD to a Food or Beverage Item, Do I Have to Change my Refrigeration/Storage Needs?

Since CBD was legalized in 2018, the product has grown immensely in popularity. Businesses are taking advantage of the craze by adding CBD to their offerings in order to increase sales. This has led to many questions among those that are less familiar with cannabinoids. One of these is, what is the proper way to store CBD infused food and beverages?

Don’t worry. If you’re a business owner that wants to add CBD edibles to your store, you won’t have to change your storage methods. All you need to do is make sure that your products are kept in a cool, dry place. Here’s what you need to know about storing CBD food and beverage items.

How Should I Store CBD Food and Beverage Items?

If you tend to keep your products in a sunny area of your store or restaurant, your storage system may need to be adjusted. But other than that, you won’t have to change up your food storage methods too much. If you’re buying wholesale CBD edibles, gummies, isolate, or tincture, you just need to make sure that your CBD infused products are kept away from excess light and heat, and aren’t exposed to too much oxygen.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Ideally, CBD products should be stored in an area that has these conditions:

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for storing CBD is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher could cause CBD products to degrade quickly. Anything lower might result in a change in viscosity.
  • Light: Products should be kept away from light in a pantry, cupboard, or refrigerator. Don’t leave your products out on a sunny counter or shelf in your store.
  • Containers: Exposure to oxygen expedites the degradation of CBD. Try to limit how much your products are exposed to oxygen by keeping them in air-tight containers, tupperware, or sandwich bags.
  • How Long Does CBD Last?

    CBD products such as oil, tincture, or isolate generally last about one to two years. But, of course, food products last for a much shorter period of time. CBD food and beverage products should be treated the same as they would if they did not have CBD.

    For example, a cold brew coffee with milk lasts about four to seven days in the refrigerator. Bread lasts about five to seven days. Generally, food items infused with CBD should be stored and treated the same as they would without it.

    The only exceptions are some dry goods and frozen items. Dry goods that one might normally store in the sun should be kept in a cooler, darker environment. Freezing products may also extend their shelf life. (This is a great option if you’re buying CBD in bulk.)

    Legality of CBD Infused Food & Beverage

    Before you make plans to change your storage system, you should research CBD laws for your state and city. Some areas do not allow the sale of CBD infused food and beverages. Furthermore, the FDA has not given their approval of CBD, and under the FD&C act, CBD food and drink is currently prohibited.

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