Do I Need a Special Business Bank Account for My CBD Startup?

Another obstacle that every CBD business has to tackle is opening a business bank account through the right bank. At this time, federal bank chains are not accepting CBD business accounts. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to open an account with one of the handful of local banks that accept CBD clients.

State Bank Referrals for Opening Your CBD Business Account

In the state of Colorado, Bank of the West is one of the few local banks accepting CBD business clients. These vary by state and are dependent on the individual institution. We’re happy to provide a state-by-state basis referral for all our CBD wholesale and white label clients. Skip the research and guesswork– we’re here to provide all the support you need in opening a CBD business bank account.

Learn More About CBD Business Bank Accounts

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. As the premier CBD wholesaler, we’ve helped our clients work through these issues before and are happy to provide our expertise in securing the right business bank account. For more information regarding CBD business bank accounts, please contact us!