Do You Need Special Licensing to Start a CBD Company?

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to business licensing for a CBD company. Since marijuana dispensaries require extensive licensing, many individuals are curious about the licensing requirements for CBD businesses. Since hemp-derived CBD is legal to sell and purchase in all 50 states, there is no need to obtain special licensing. Here are the licenses you do need for starting an eCommerce website and a brick-and-mortar store:

Starting a CBD eCommerce Site

In order to start a CBD eCommerce website, the first step is registering your business. Having a registered business name limits your tax and personal liabilities and should be the first step for starting any business. If you’re planning on selling CBD products from different wholesalers, be aware that many CBD wholesalers and CBD manufacturers require a resale license.

Starting a CBD Retail Store

If you don’t have an existing storefront and are looking to starting a new store, there a few items you’ll need. We recommend speaking to a legal professional or conducting online research regarding your local municipality. The first steps are registering your business, applying for an EIN, understanding all local, state, and federal laws regarding business startup, finding a location, and setting up a merchant processor. Once you’ve completed these preliminary steps, you can start vetting suppliers and purchasing CBD wholesale products to add to your store.

Learn More About CBD Company Licensing

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all the rules and regulations of the CBD industry. It’s a great industry to join, especially for those interested in being a part of the cannabis industry but don’t want to deal with the extensive licensing that’s required for any marijuana business. For more information regarding CBD company licensing, please contact us!