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Does Wholesale CBD Need to be Tested?

When you’re purchasing any kind of CBD, you want to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality, pure, and effective product. Since the CBD industry is currently unregulated, that means that you can potentially purchase harmful CBD products. This is true of wholesale CBD orders– it is crucial to find the right wholesaler for ensuring your brand and customers are protected. Here are the testing guidelines you should look for before making your wholesale order:

Wholesale CBD Testing Guidelines

wholesale cbd testing

  • Hemp Testing: Your CBD wholesaler should be sourcing their CBD that’s derived from non-GMO hemp with strict organic farming practices or is certified organic. Traceability is key when it comes to hemp-derived CBD– this helps reduce the risk of purchasing synthetic CBD or CBD with pesticide exposure. Hemp farmers need to conduct testing on all of their hemp crops to ensure legal levels of THC. This level of testing also looks for CBD content. A trustworthy wholesaler will either source their CBD from domestic farms that practice this testing or grows their own hemp to ensure all standards are met.
  • Initial CBD Testing: Once the CBD is extracted, it should be independent, third-party lab tested. Since there’s no federal oversight on CBD products, this level of testing is crucial to prove the purity and safety of your wholesale CBD. This lab testing should confirm correct cannabinoid content, no pesticide exposure, minimal traces of heavy metals, no toxic solvent residue, and no mold or mildew contamination.
  • Finished Wholesale CBD Product Testing: While some wholesalers will rely on their original CBD testing conducted at the extraction level, some wholesalers will take this a step further and have their finished CBD products independent, third-party lab tested. This is definitely ideal in ensuring the utmost quality and safety of any wholesale CBD product you plan on carrying.

Other Wholesale CBD Guidelines

When you’re purchasing wholesale CBD, here are some of the other guidelines you should follow in protecting your brand and customers:

  • CO2 Extraction: We recommend only purchasing CO2 extracted CBD. This is the safest and most effective extraction method. Other extraction methods typically use toxic solvents. There’s a lot of room for error, especially with the lack of regulations in place, that can lead to toxic solvent residue being present in your product.
  • cGMP-Certified Manufacturing: Wholesalers that have taken the initiative to get cGMP-certified are ideal to purchase from. This certification guarantees that they’re following the strict manufacturing standards followed by other industries.
  • Vertical Integration: Not many CBD wholesalers are vertically-integrated, however, this ensures that the company you’re purchasing from has control at every level of the process and will be able to better address transparency, traceability, and testing. Vertical integration refers to a CBD wholesaler that grows their own hemp, extracts their own CBD, and manufactures everything in-house.

Purchasing Wholesale CBD Without Testing

If for some reason you’ve decided to purchase wholesale CBD that hasn’t completed any testing, we urge you to get your products independent, third-party tested. This limits your liability while protecting your brand and customers. While there are no regulations that require CBD testing, this is the best practice for building brand loyalty and trust among you and your customers. This initial investment can save you a lot of time, money, and resources in the long run and is also the ethical thing to do.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted Wholesale CBD Provider

Hemp Depot is proud to be the trusted wholesale CBD provider serving the nation. As a vertically-integrated company, we guarantee that all of our wholesale products undergo three levels of independent, third-party lab testing to ensure purity, safety, and efficacy before being shipped directly to you or your customers. Vertical integration has also provided the benefit of significant savings that we humbly pass on to you. For more information regarding our wholesale CBD testing standards, please contact us!

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