How Do I Make My Own CBD Products?

CBD is highly versatile, offering numerous opportunities for product formulation. When it comes to making your own CBD products, you can either hire a professional service to help you with custom formulations or you can work on creating your own formulations at home or at a dedicated facility.

Custom Formulation Service

If you don’t have a good understanding about CBD, it may be a good idea to find a professional custom formulation service. These services are offered by CBD wholesalers and manufacturers, providing a great opportunity to take advantage of an expert. Certain products may need a water-soluble CBD while others may require a CBD-rich hemp oil. Some CBD products may not be flavorless while others are, making flavor profile an important component to consider. Certain raw CBD products also shouldn’t be heated above a certain temperature– having an expert help you with all these variables may help you save time and resources.

Brainstorming Formulations

Adding CBD to your favorite recipes and products is a good way to start brainstorming your own formulations. Is there a DIY face mask that you love that you think CBD would enhance? Do you have a yummy smoothie recipe that would pair well with CBD oil or water-soluble CBD? Are there workout products that you’d use with CBD infused? Thinking about the various applications and what a viable product might look like are great jumping-off points. Once you start to come up with some ideas, create some formulations on a trial-and-error basis. Always make sure that you’re properly handling CBD in regards to cooking temperatures, storage, potential ingredient interactions, etc.

Learn More About CBD Product Formulations

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. Product formulations can seem overwhelming but take advantage of the versatility CBD has to offer and let your creative juices flow. There are always professional services that can help you create your formulations or take them to the next level. For more information regarding how to make your own CBD products, please contact us!



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