How Do I Read the Lab Results Provided by My CBD Wholesaler?

When you’re purchasing bulk CBD or wholesale CBD orders, it is crucial to be able to read the COAs and properly interpret the independent, third-party lab results. Since these COAs are completed by different labs from across the nation, they all differ in appearance and content. Here’s an example of a COA that’s been completed for Hemp Depot and how to read it:

  1. Lab Services: The company logo represents the lab that completed the testing. This gives any consumer or company the opportunity to conduct their own research regarding the lab and its credentials.
  2. Type of Test: The type of test conducted is a certificate of analysis, COA, which is a document that confirms the chemical makeup of a product. The COA should show the cannabinoid content and other tested compounds.
  3. CBD Company: The COA should always identify the company that this test was prepared for.
  4. Lab Address: The lab’s address generally appears in the COA’s header.
  5. Product: The CBD product tested in this report.
  6. COA Specifics: The information found in this section should indicate the batch ID, the date the test was completed, the type of product the test was performed on, and the type of test performed.
  7. Test Specifics: This section identifies what results were found for the test. For a COA, this portion will convey the cannabinoid profile of the product tested.
  8. Total Cannabinoid Percentage: The total cannabinoid percentage is often represented in graph form. In this test, you can see that this product has 6.9% of total cannabinoids that can exist in a product.
  9. THC Content: This shows the THC content found in the product. In this specific report, there is 0% THCa and 0.17% THC which is well below the legal limit.
  10. CBD Content: This shows the CBD content found in the product. In this specific report, there is 6.77% CBD.
  11. Total THC and CBD Content: This shows what percentage of the cannabinoid graph is made up of THC and CBD.
  12. Cannabinoids Found: This section also includes the percentage of CBDa, CBN, and CBG found in the product. These are other naturally-occurring cannabinoids.
  13. Calculations: The fine print discusses how these cannabinoid levels are calculated and how they were detected.
  14. Notes: These lab notes include other information regarding the status of the product. In this report, the CBD product that was tested was free from visual mold, mildew, and foreign matter.
  15. Final Approval: This section shows the individuals who prepared and approved the COA. You should find a signature, name, and date. More lab information should be found underneath the final approval section as well.

Interpreting CBD Lab Reports from Different Companies

We’re always happy to help you interpret COAs and lab reports that have been completed for different companies. Since every lab report is different, it can be tough finding the information you need. If there’s other information you’re looking for that isn’t present in the COA, we recommend reaching out to that company and finding out the information you need prior to purchasing.

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Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on how to start a CBD business. COAs are an important part of our industry, making it important to know how to read them in order to make the most informed decision regarding your purchase. While the CBD industry does remain under-regulated, this is one of the steps you can take to make sure you’re purchasing high-quality products. For more information regarding COAs and CBD lab results, please contact us!