How Do I Setup QR Codes for Providing User-Friendly Lab Results?

QR codes serve as a great way to provide user-friendly lab results for all of your CBD products. This goes above and beyond in building trust and transparency for your customers. While you may be confident about the safety and purity of the CBD products you’ve purchased wholesale, your customers may not. Providing lab results is a way to address their concerns and build your credibility. For those that have never worked with QR codes before, here is a step-by-step guide.

How to Make a QR Code

  • Find a QR code generator: There are several free QR generator tools that can be found online. Some of the better options should be compatible with most mobile QR code reader apps.
  • Choose the appropriate content option: Choose the PDF option and make sure that you have all of your COAs in PDF format ready to go on your computer.
  • Enter your data in the form: Attach your COA PDFs in the designated field.
  • Pick the dynamic code option: Your QR generator should provide two options: static or dynamic. The dynamic option allows you to edit this data after your print your code.
  • Test your QR code: Once this is generated, do a test scan to make sure it works. There are free tools available for testing.
  • Share and distribute: When your QR code has been successfully generated and tested, you can add this to the appropriate product packaging.

Learn More About QR Codes for Sharing CBD Product Lab Results

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. The more user-friendly and readily available your lab results are, the more customers you’ll be able to win over. It’s all about building transparency and trust. For more information regarding how to generate QR codes for sharing your CBD product lab results, please contact us!