Is Your White Label CBD Independent, Third-Party Tested?

For businesses interested in purchasing white label CBD, it is crucial to cover all your bases in order to protect your brand and your customers. Since our industry is unregulated at the moment, there is no federal oversight ensuring the safety and efficacy of any of the products on the market. This puts the sole responsibility onto you to make sure you’re purchasing safe, effective products for your company. While white labeling is a great opportunity for companies interested in the CBD industry, you’ll have to do your homework and research to ensure you’re 100% confident in putting your name on that product. Some companies have taken the initiative to showcase transparency, traceability, and testing. These three pillars of CBD are crucial– when purchasing your white label CBD make sure the products are always independent, third-party lab tested.

White Label CBD Standards

In order to protect yourself and customer health, taking the time to learn about your wholesaler’s standards is important. By checking these standards off on your checklist, you can gain peace of mind during the white label CBD process:

  • Hemp cultivation standards: Make sure that you’re purchasing white label CBD products only from companies that source their CBD from non-GMO hemp that’s domestically farmed with either strict organic farming practices or is certified organic.
  • Extraction standards: There are actually a lot of extraction methods available when it comes to extracting CBD. The most effective and safest method is CO2 extraction. Other extraction processes can utilize toxic solvents. When improperly extracted (which is a high risk since there’s no federal regulatory oversight), toxic solvent residue can actually exist in your product, leading to potential bodily harm. Always make sure your white label CBD products are CO2 extracted for safety and efficacy.
  • Manufacturing standards: The importance of the manufacturing facility is often overlooked. Even if you find a wholesaler with the hemp cultivation and extraction methods you’re looking for, if their manufacturing standards aren’t up to par it can cancel the other two out. Finding a cGMP-certified facility with other manufacturing quality certifications is important to ensure the quality of your product. Poor manufacturing standards can lead to product contamination.

Our White Label CBD Testing Standards

Our company values transparency and testing– that’s why all of our white label CBD products undergo three levels of testing before being shipped directly to you or your customers. Here are the three independent, third-party lab tests all of our products are required to pass:

white label cbd testing

  • Hemp testing: We grow our own proprietary genetics on our Colorado hemp farms with strict organic farming practices. Our hemp crops are tested before harvest to make sure they contain the federally legal THC content as well as high CBD content. Once our crops pass this initial cannabinoid testing, everything is harvested and sent to processing.
  • CBD testing: We extract all of our CBD in-house. Every fresh batch of CBD is sent for independent, third-party testing. This test ensures proper cannabinoid content, minimal heavy metals, no pesticide exposure, no toxic solvent residue, and no mold or mildew contamination. When our fresh batches of newly extracted CBD pass this test, we begin the manufacturing phase.
  • Finished product testing: We manufacture all of our white label CBD products in our own cGMP-certified manufacturing facility. Once manufacturing and processing are complete, we send our finished products for another round of independent, third-party testing for the same criteria as the last test.

Benefits of Our White Label CBD Program

Not only do our white label CBD products undergo three levels of testing before being shipped directly to you or your customers, but we also provide exclusive benefits with our program. Enjoy complimentary label design and logo design services with every white label order. We also offer low minimum orders of 100 and have a streamlined dropship and hybrid fulfillment service available. We believe that when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we offer free marketing resources and support for your business. For companies interested in creating their own product formulations, we also have leading custom formulation services.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted White Label CBD Provider

Hemp Depot is honored to be the trusted white label CBD provider serving the nation. With the most expansive product offerings from three exclusive brands to white label from, we’re confident that we have the perfect staple products for your line. Work with the nation’s leading scientists and industry experts for all of your CBD needs. For more information regarding our white label CBD product testing, please contact us!