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How Do I Store CBD Products for a Longer Shelf Life?

If you’re starting a CBD business, you may be wondering, what is the proper way to store my products? How you store your products will greatly impact their shelf life. Here are some tips that can help you increase the longevity of your products.

Tips for Storing CBD

Whether you’re selling CBD oil, gummies, or topicals, it’s important to store your products properly. How you store your products will impact their effectiveness and how safe they are for human consumption. Use these tips to maximize the shelf life of your CBD products:

Keep your products at the right temperature.

CBD oil likes to be kept at a temperature of about 60-70 degrees. This way, the terpenes are protected from heat and the viscosity of the oil remains the same. So, you don’t have to put your products in the refrigerator, but a pantry or cabinet may be a good idea.

Protect your products from light.

Too much light will cause CBD products to lose their potency. We understand why retailers may want to store their products on a sunny shelf or counter. But, generally, this is not a good idea. Doing so will shorten the shelf life of your products.

Use quality containers.

The use of high quality containers can go a long way in preserving CBD products. Avoid containers that are clear or have an open top. Instead, opt for dark or amber colored containers. This will protect them from light. Also, make sure that your containers are air tight. You don’t want oxygen getting in to the container and ruining your products. Some of the best containers are air-tight jars, food storage bags, plastic tupperware, droppers, and glass bottles.

Get More Information

For more tips on how to extend the shelf life of your bulk CBD purchases, please contact our office. Or browse our online shop to find the perfect products for your retail store, brand, or business.

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