Understanding the Difference Between White Label CBD Products

For companies interested in white label CBD, it is important to understand all the product differences in order to curate the right product line for your company. With so many different CBD products available, it really comes down to consumer preference and what you think your target demographic would appreciate. Defining what your customer base enjoys can help you better choose the products you want to sell. Here are the different things you’ll need to consider:

What to Consider When Purchasing White Label CBD Products

  • THC Content: Some consumers prefer zero THC content while others are looking for the entourage effect provided by broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. The minimal, legal THC content of 0.3% will trigger a positive in drug testing, making it important to know what your customers are looking for. Carrying a variety of products that contain differing THC amounts or promoting your brand as completely full-spectrum or THC free are all different options to consider when purchasing white label CBD.
  • CBD Type: Water-soluble CBD has been marketed as a product with higher bioavailability. According to our scientists, the bioavailability difference is actually marginal when comparing CBD oil and water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble CBD is much more expensive to extract and has a high price tag attached. However, some products require water-soluble CBD and cannot be formulated with CBD oil. This is true with certain beverages so be aware of the differences that lie among CBD.
  • Concentration: Dosage varies from individual to individual making it important to consider the concentration of your white label CBD products. Carrying a variable range or focusing on what your target demographic enjoys are both great ways to ensure you have the right products for your customers.

Safety Considerations for White Label CBD

White label CBD programs are quite popular and are offered by numerous companies. In an unregulated industry, it is important to consider the following in order to protect your customers and your brand:

  • Hemp Sourcing: Some companies, unfortunately, take shortcuts by sourcing their CBD from hemp that’s grown overseas or even by utilizing synthetic CBD for lower costs. This can compromise your product’s integrity and safety. Always make sure you purchase products that are sourced from domestic, non-GMO hemp that’s either grown with strict organic farming practices or is certified organic.
  • CBD Sourcing: There are actually a number of different ways to extract CBD. Many of these extraction methods utilize toxic solvents that can actually compromise your product. When improperly extracted, you run the risk of toxic solvent residue in your products. The best extraction method for CBD is CO2 extraction. This method may be the most costly due to the equipment required but it is also the safest and most effective.
  • Manufacturing: In order to ensure that you’re purchasing the highest quality white label CBD, it is important to find a company with the same quality standards as you. Make sure these standards extend to manufacturing by finding a cGMP-certified facility. cGMP certification ensures that the facility is following the rules and regulations set by the FDA. If other qualifications are important to you, make them a priority and find the right wholesaler who has those certifications. There are a lot of companies to choose from, so it’s important to be picky and take the time to find the right option for your company.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted White Label CBD Provider

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