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What Industries Can Purchase CBD Wholesale?

You don’t have to be CBD-specific business to get into the CBD industry! Numerous businesses across various industries have been differentiating their product offerings by adding CBD to their lineup. For companies looking into purchasing CBD wholesale, there are a lot of benefits they can experience from expanding their product line. CBD wholesale gives businesses the option to attract new clients, improve guest satisfaction, and further advocate the CBD movement. While virtually any industry can get involved with CBD, here are some ideas of how selling CBD may benefit your business.

Viable Industries for CBD Wholesale

cbd wholesale industries

  • Beauty: The beauty and CBD industry go hand in hand. With high concentrations of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the skin, topical CBD products are quite popular among numerous demographics. Adding CBD wholesale topical products to your line is a great way to introduce guests to CBD while helping reach a wider demographic. There are countless topical options available for wholesale, providing an extensive inventory of choices to choose from.
  • Fitness: CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the fitness space. You’ve probably noticed the CBD products carried by gyms and other fitness shops in your area. Whether you’re a personal trainer, own your own gym, or run a supplement shop, providing CBD for retail can help improve your sales revenue while boosting your client satisfaction.
  • Consumer retail: Anyone in the retail industry can purchase CBD wholesale. This is a great opportunity to add something different to your checkout product selection. Different clothing stores, drug stores, and even grocery store chains are now carrying CBD. Since so many people are interested in CBD products, you can really reach more demographics when you decide to sell CBD in addition to your current product line.
  • Tattoo/piercing: The interest in CBD in the body modification industry has been gaining momentum. This a great way to really differentiate your tattoo or piercing shop. Since these shops are limited in the products they can sell in addition to their services, CBD wholesale is a wonderful option for improving profit margins.
  • Food: While we wait for the FDA to release its framework for regulating CBD, it is actually prohibited to serve CBD-infused food and beverage in restaurants and cafes. Even though many businesses are still offering CBD-infused food and drink, we always recommend staying within legal regulations. Selling CBD products alongside your menu is a great way to ensure you’re following FDA regulations and limit your liability.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted CBD Wholesale Source

Hemp Depot is proud to be the nation’s trusted CBD wholesale source. We’ve partnered with companies across numerous industries in their effort to differentiate themselves, improve guest satisfaction, and target new demographics. With the highest-quality, pure CBD wholesale products available, we ensure that we have the right investments that any company will feel confident in. For more information regarding our CBD wholesale options, please contact us!

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