What Is the Best Way to Provide Lab Results for All of My CBD Products?

We always believe that the best practice is prioritizing your customers and making things as user-friendly as possible. This goes hand-in-hand with company transparency and how important it is to build trust for long-term success. When it comes to providing your COAs and CBD third-party lab reports, make it as accessible as possible. Whether you’re buying wholesale CBD or having your products custom formulated, taking this step is crucial. Here are a few convenient ways to provide your customers with your company’s lab reports:

  • Create a COA or Lab Results section on your website: Stashing all of your COAs on a page or section of your website is best practice. Hemp Depot, like most CBD companies, keep up-to-date lab results on their website for convenient access.
  • Including COAs as a product image: Including your COAs in the product image gallery is another great way to provide user-friendly lab results.
  • Create QR codes on your products: Adding a custom QR code to your products is another easy way for customers to scan their purchased products and directly access your COAs. There are free QR generators online.
  • Include lab reports in confirmation emails: Attaching a copy of the COA to confirmation emails after purchase is another way of directly providing this information to your customer. Don’t solely rely on this method– make sure customers can find your lab reports prior to purchase.

Learn More About Disclosing CBD Product Lab Results

Hemp Depot is proud to provide all the leading tips on starting your own CBD business. Remember, one of the key values any CBD company should have is transparency. The more readily available your lab reports are, the more trust and convenience are built between you and your customers. For more information regarding the best ways to disclose COAs for your CBD products, please contact us!