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Where Can I Find a Lab for Testing My CBD?

There are numerous labs located across the country that offer the appropriate testing for CBD products. It is crucial to always find an independent, third-party lab that’s not associated with your company in order to ensure that there’s no conflict of interest. Beyond that, finding an accredited, licensed lab with the proper training and certification is crucial. Always make sure that the lab will include cannabinoid content, heavy metal, pesticide, and purity testing.

Do I Need to Test My CBD Products If I Have an Existing COA?

If you are purchasing your bulk CBD through a reputable wholesaler, you should be provided with a COA. It is up to you if you want to take it a step further and have your finished product tested. However, you can use this existing COA as proof of your independent, third-party testing. When purchasing white label CBD or private label CBD orders, make sure your wholesaler is providing you with all the corresponding batch COAs.

How Do I Pick the Right Lab for Testing My CBD Products?

Hemp Depot is happy to recommend leading labs around the nation for our clients. We have the industry experience and have worked with numerous labs in order to find the most reputable testing facilities available. For more information regarding lab testing for your CBD products, please contact us!

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