Work with the Trusted White Label CBD Supplier

The lucrative, explosive CBD market continues to grow and expand despite the lack of federal oversight and government regulation. With forecasts of a continuing growing market, startups and established companies alike are looking into growing their businesses through the CBD industry. In this saturated market, innovation has developed ten-fold with various products ranging from CBD tinctures to CBD-infused mattresses. With so much product innovation already exhausted, it can be hard for any company trying to differentiate its product line. While custom formulation services are available, many companies are taking advantage of white label CBD programs. White labeling can offer great advantages for any company as long as you choose the right supplier.

How to Choose the Right White Label CBD Supplier

  • Product Selection: There are numerous white label CBD programs out there, making it important that you like all of the products they offer. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure that that company can fulfill your needs. Choosing a program that offers a comprehensive program can provide more opportunities down the road.
  • 3 Ts of CBD: Choosing a company that values the three Ts of CBD ensures protection for your brand and customers. Limiting your liability through high quality, effective products also builds long-term customer trust and loyalty. The three Ts of CBD are transparency, traceability, and testing.
  • COAs: Always purchase white label CBD from suppliers that complete COAs. This ensures that you’re purchasing safe and effective products while also saving you the money for completing these tests yourself.

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Work with the Nation’s Trusted White Label CBD Supplier

Hemp Depot is honored to be the nation’s trusted white label CBD supplier. We have one of the largest selections for white label CBD, offering products from all three of our brands. All of our products come independent, third-party lab tested. With every white label order, enjoy complimentary label design services and marketing resources. For more information regarding our white label CBD program, please contact us!