Aspi, a new clean beauty skincare line, prepares for its nationwide debut

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Many of Aspi’s products contain CBD and are produced in Colorado under rigorous clean beauty standards

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The international “Clean Beauty Movement” is about more than using skincare products labeled “organic” or “natural.” As the Good Face Project notes, it’s about using products with safe, clean ingredients, that don’t pose a risk to the consumer’s health or to our environment. It also requires transparency in labelling, as well as the removal of as many toxins as possible from our daily routines.

The new Aspi (pronounced ‘Ah-Spy’) clean beauty skincare line also aspires to the mission of the Clean Beauty Movement.

This autumn Aspi is unveiling its extensive line of products; featuring a face cleanser, face moisturizer, shave cream and a body scrub for men – as well as face cleanser, face moisturizer, a serum, a toner, a body scrub and an eye cream for women. Most of these products, the ones that stay longest on the skin, contain cannabidiol (CBD). There are also CBD-infused body soaks and a body lotion.

Kendra Mark, Director of Product Development at Hemp Depot, Aspi’s parent company, noted that Aspi is using sustainable packaging, to make the product as beneficial to the environment – and the consumer – as possible. “All of our raw materials are sourced in-house and are made in-house, here in Colorado,” she said. “We have a team of chemists and quality control experts to manage everything, and rigorous testing to make sure our products aren’t contaminated.”

Mark added that Aspi is competitively priced, with a higher-than-usual amount of CBD added to its comprehensive product formulas. “By manufacturing it ourselves we can keep our costs low while maintaining the high-quality standards that we demand of all our products,” she said.

The Aspi line of beauty skincare products will soon be available online in all 50 states.

Read more about Aspi at https://www.aspiskin.com/ .

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