Brand Guidelines

This brand standards webpage is the final authority in usage, language composition, visual composition, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation and other punctuation and typography — and it’s a source of general information.

Documents for public dissemination must be checked by the Hemp Depot Marketing Department for proper use of logos, trademarks, colors and content style.

Logo & Usage

Each of the logos is a representation of Hemp Depot and as such should always remain consistent in clarity, presentation, and representation. The two logo options available provide users with alternative options to best suit various scenarios.

The official logo is uses the Gold for Hemp and Dark Grey for Depot and the tagline under the logo. The colors are not to be switched around, or combined as a gradient.

The tagline should always be present with the logo and never used with out it.

Regardless of which logo is selected, each should be used with caution to ensure a true, unaltered representation of the Hemp Depot logo. All logos should never be turned upside-down, tilted, or skewed from their original orientation.

The elements of the logo should never be broken apart or changed. No additional elements should be added within the logo.


Hemp Depot uses two colors.


HEX – #a57c38

 RGB – 165,124,56

CMYK – 32,48,91,11

Dark Grey

HEX – #59585a

RGB – 89,88,90

CMYK – 64,56,53,28

Fonts & Type

Headings should always be in all caps using the primary or fallback fonts. Body copy should always be using the secondary font in standard capitalization formats. 

Primary Font

Nexa Bold

All Caps

Primary Fallback


All Caps

Primary Fallback


All Caps

Secondary Font

Open Sans


Secondary Fallback


Secondary Fallback

Nunito Sans