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We welcome our new product category – THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), a homolog of THC. Accomplish balanced appetite, promote metabolism, and activate energy in the body.

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Cibadol Zero THCv Lemon Gummy 150mg Per Bottle, 5mg THCV Per Serving, 30ct

Go ahead and indulge; we won’t tell. Cibadol THCv gummies vegan lemon/lime are a sweet refreshment that can simplify your daily CBD routine. Experience the effects of powerful phytocannabinoids with this discreet, delightful, and healthy treat. Take them with you wherever you go or store them in a convenient place for quick access. Natural sweeteners like tapioca syrup and honey make these gummies totally irresistible. Share them with your friends or enjoy them discreetly by yourself. But watch out, they’re so delicious that you might want to keep them secret! Purchase CBD Gummies vegan lemon/lime and enjoy! 30 gummies per bottle, 5mg of THCv Isolate per gummy.

$60.00 or $51.00 / month
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