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We welcome our new product category – THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), a homolog of THC. Accomplish balanced appetite, promote metabolism, and activate energy in the body.

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Cibadol ZERO THCv Gummies – Lemon/Lime

Go ahead and indulge; we won’t tell. Cibadol THCv gummies vegan lemon/lime are a sweet refreshment that can simplify your daily CBD routine. Experience the effects of powerful phytocannabinoids with this discreet, delightful, and healthy treat. Take them with you wherever you go or store them in a convenient place for quick access. Natural sweeteners like tapioca syrup and honey make these gummies totally irresistible. Share them with your friends or enjoy them discreetly by yourself. But watch out, they’re so delicious that you might want to keep them secret! Purchase CBD Gummies vegan lemon/lime and enjoy! 30 gummies per bottle, 5mg of THCv Isolate per gummy.

$60.00 or $51.00 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a compound discovered within cannabis. It has a physical structure similar to THC. THCv is a minor cannabinoid due to its most minor ratio in the.
THCv is suitable for the management of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It helps to lower the weight by daily intake of THCv gummies.
THCv is 25% more potent than Delta 9 THC. It keeps people relaxed and energized.
THCv does not show in a drug test. It is because it is blended with Delta 9, Delta 8, and Delta 10 to trigger a test. This includes Delta 8, Delta 10, and even Delta 9 products.
Delta 8 is half potent in comparison to THCv.
THCV is probably 25% as potential as delta 9 THC.
The legality of THCv is a complicated and unclear scenario. While reading much about THCv, users will come to know that THCv is legal but illegal also. THCv is legal in 41 states but not federally legal.
No, THCv and CBD are two compounds different from each other. CBD is extricated from hemp, but THCv is sourced from psychoactive plants on its own.
THCv makes users feel energized, uplifts the mood, euphoric feeling, focused mind, and boosts creative minds to remain motivated.
THCv gummies at HempDepot Co costs $60.00 — or $51.00 / month.
THCa is a predecessor of THC formed from decarboxylation by exposure to heat. It eliminates carboxylic acid from THCA, leading to a change in THC’s physical structure. Whereas THCv is much similar to THC, based on structure, but different source.
Apart from the components and chemical structure of Delta 10 and THCv, there is an excellent distinction in their impacts on humans. Delta 10 is milder than Delta 8 THC but least potent than Delta 9 THC.

THCv gummies help to regulate your diet and control hunger. It helps with the management of diabetes too. Explore all THCv products on Hempdepot CO, delivering premium quality benefits for health.

Yes, THCv gummies ingested before sleep at nighttime give better sleep for a prolonged time for the body to relax properly.

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