Does CBD Expire?

Everything in life begins to deteriorate with age, leading to the question, “Does CBD expire?” In the right conditions, CBD can last up to two years without losing potency. Once CBD begins to expire, it does remain safe and non-toxic– it’s the other ingredients that may not be safe. However, CBD begins to lose potency after the two-year mark, making it important to provide expiration dates on all of your CBD products. Bear in mind that most finished CBD products expire after a year since you’ll have to account for the shelf life of the other ingredients in your formula. Most oil-based CBD products have a year to two-year shelf life.

How Do You Extend CBD Shelf Life?

CBD should always be kept in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. UV radiation can accelerate the deterioration process, making it important to keep your CBD away from any sunlight. Most CBD products can be kept in the fridge as long as it’s sealed in a container that ensures no moisture can reach it. We do not recommend freezing CBD or any CBD products. Keeping your CBD refrigerated may extend shelf-life stability. Humidity, sunlight, and extremely cold temperatures are factors to avoid.

How Do You Tell If Your CBD Product Has Expired?

The best way to tell if your CBD product has expired is through a visual and smell test. If the product looks different than how it appeared when you first purchased it, ie has a cloudy appearance, etc. this is a good indicator to toss it. If the CBD product has an unusual or foul odor, this is another good indicator that it is probably expired. If you’re still unclear if your product has expired, consider the time frame when you purchased it. We’re always happy to help you determine if your products have expired or not.

Learn More About CBD Expiration

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all things CBD. CBD expiration is an important thing to understand for any CBD business and can help you create more accurate expiration dates for your product line. Our scientists and formulators are always happy to speak to you about expiration dates, especially if you’re white labeling or utilizing our custom formulation services. For more information regarding CBD expiration, please contact us!