The 3 Ts of CBD: Transparency, Traceability, and Testing

Any successful CBD company has to embrace the three Ts of CBD: transparency, traceability, and testing. These three Ts offer numerous benefits ranging from brand protection to customer loyalty. Since the CBD industry is currently under-regulated, the responsibility of finding safe, non-toxic CBD products fall directly on the consumer. In an overly saturated market, it can be hard for customers to find the right product for them. One of the most significant ways available for them to navigate this is by finding companies that openly embrace these three Ts.

The Importance of Transparency for CBD Companies

It’s unfortunate that there are companies out there taking advantage of the lack of regulations and producing harmful products in the health and wellness space. That makes transparency key for any CBD company looking to build long-term trust between them and their customers. Transparency regarding where your hemp is sourced from, what farming practices are utilized, the extraction process, manufacturing standards, etc. are all crucial in order to protect both your brand and your customers. Educated CBD purchasers will be looking for CBD products sourced from domestic, non-GMO hemp from either certified organic farms or farms that utilize organic farming practices. Extraction methods are also important to informed customers– toxic solvent residue can really compromise the integrity of your product. CO2 extraction is the preferred extraction method for CBD products, offering the safest solution.

The Importance of Traceability for CBD Companies

As a vertically-integrated company, we understand the importance of traceability. Traceability regarding your hemp is really important. Fear of synthetic CBD and illegal THC exposure are things that consumers are wary of. As consumers do more and more research on CBD brands to purchase, they want to know what hemp farms your products are sourced from, where the CBD is extracted, and what manufacturing facility they’re produced at. Any successful CBD company should promote all of this information without needing a customer to reach out directly.

The Importance of Testing for CBD Companies

In order to prove transparency and traceability, testing is key. Ideally, there should be three levels of testing before your finished CBD products are shipped to your customers. While the hemp is being cultivated, farmers have to complete THC testing to ensure that their crops remain federally legal with 0.3% THC or less. If a farmer fails this test, their crops, unfortunately, have to be destroyed since they no longer have the legal THC content. Once the hemp biomass is harvested, the next step is extraction. Once a company has extracted their CBD, they should have it independent, third-party lab tested. This COA should analyze cannabinoid content, pesticide exposure, traceable solvent content, and heavy metal traces. Companies that have truly embraced all three Ts of CBD will take testing a step further by having their finished CBD products tested for the same things as their raw CBD.

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Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on staring a CBD business. Any company looking for long-term success needs to embrace the three Ts of CBD. Protect your brand and your customers by ensuring all safety measures are met. For more information regarding transparency, traceability, or testing, please contact us!