Eddie – 1/2 Oz. “The White” – High CBG Flower

Packaged exclusively with our greenhouse-grown, hand-trimmed hemp. Our premium smokable flower is second to none. Our unique strains have been bred specifically for smokable flower– providing customers a dense, beautiful, and terp-rich product that traditionally was only found in marijuana products. Our bud is lab certified under 0.3% THC and ships to all 50 states. Enjoy.

$30.00 or $25.50 / month

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Description: Hand-trimmed, greenhouse-grown high-White CBG flower offers the ultimate smoking experience. Experience a dense, terpene-rich bud that’s available in all 50 states.

Suggested Use: Light up and enjoy! Can be used with glass, papers, vape devices, or infused into homemade CBG edibles.

Ingredients: The White CBG Flower

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