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The CBD industry is still in its infancy but growing incredibly fast. As the effects of CBD are continually confirmed and shown to have more and more benefits, product makers are incorporating CBD into their offerings. Increasingly, industries from healthcare to home goods are adapting their products to include the added advantage of CBD. As an industry pioneer, we happily support CBD ventures from the singular entrepreneur to large-scale enterprises. We do this through numerous channels, one of which is our bulk CBD offerings. Proven, pure and safe, our industry-leading CBD products deliver the highest value to your established brand. From full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD for use in roll-ons, topicals and creams to water-soluble CBD for beverages like sodas, coffees, and teas–we produce premium CBD additives available for purchase in bulk. A process we control from farm to label–we can guarantee the consistency, quality, and dosage of everything we supply. Due to our vertically integrated process, we guarantee that we won’t run out of the key source ingredients you rely on us to deliver. 


Pure, High-Quality Bulk CBD Oil Produced in Colorado

Quality products start with quality ingredients. Differentiating your business with higher quality CBD products leads to more repeat purchases and brand loyalty. At Hemp Depot, we carefully control, monitor, and manage our products at every stage. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the purest, highest-quality CBD for your business. 

Our bulk CBD products are extracted from non-GMO hemp plants grown on our very own local Colorado farms using organic farming practices. After years of research and development, our team has bred an exclusive line of CBD-rich hemp seed that we utilize in all of our farms. After harvesting, we process and refine all of our hemp crops in our private manufacturing facility. Then, each batch completes rigorous testing by an independent, third-party lab to ensure that it meets our high-quality standards.

Our Bulk CBD Is Available to All Industries

Our bulk CBD products are available to businesses of all industries and sizes. Whether you need bulk isolate to make CBD dog treats or you’re looking for bulk water-soluble CBD to develop a new skincare product, our vast inventory of CBD bulk products can satisfy your business needs.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Infusing cuisine with cannabidiol is one of the easiest and most enjoyable methods of consumption. Edibles and beverages can be less intimidating than other forms of administration, providing a better range of versatility in terms of target market. Our bulk water-soluble CBD, CBD isolate, and CBD oil options make it easy to manufacture CBD-infused food and beverage products.

Supplement and Vitamin Formulators

Individuals who take vitamins and supplements on a regular basis hold their health in high regard and naturally gravitate towards CBD. CBD has also made a considerable impact in the fitness industry, offering a great addition to countless pre-workout supplements, post-workout recovery beverages, and many more. Purchase our CBD softgels in bulk or make your own proprietary supplements using our premium CBD oil and isolate options.

Pet Product Manufacturers

Our CBD pet products are formulated with the same CBD oil and isolate as our human products, ensuring the same quality standards for your furry loved ones. Take advantage of our bulk CBD oil and isolate options for your own product formulations or purchase our high-quality options available in bulk quantities. Hemp Depot is proud to work closely alongside pet product manufacturers to create high-quality products for our companion animals.

Skincare, Hair Care, and Cosmetic Producers

When applied on the body, CBD interacts directly with the numerous cannabinoid receptors located throughout your skin. Hair care and cosmetic companies have also joined the CBD movement to develop exclusive products for their customers. Hemp Depot produces a wide range of bulk CBD products that are ideal for formulating your own salves, creams, serums, moisturizers, muscle rubs, face oils, shampoos, conditioners, tanning products, cosmetics, and more.



We are well-equipped and able to supply CBD product additives in bulk by the gallon or kilogram for both water and oil-based products. Our scientists and custom formulators welcome any questions you may have and are happy to provide advice regarding which bulk CBD product is ideal for your product formulation. Our team welcomes small quantities, providing pricing advantages for CBD startups and small businesses. Large-scale quantities of bulk CBD are always available in order to negotiate price breaks. Our capabilities are all-encompassing, featuring the following incredible bulk CBD offerings:

The Benefits of Bulk CBD

Our bulk CBD offers various benefits for any business from startups to established companies:


Provider of the Highest Quality Bulk CBD Products

Whether you’re the owner of a boutique retail store, a formulation chemist working for a large corporation, or an entrepreneur who’s just starting out in the CBD industry, your time is precious. At Hemp Depot, we make it easy for you to obtain the products you need quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about cost or quality. Our bulk CBD products are extracted from our own non-GMO hemp crops that we’ve bred, farmed, processed, and refined ourselves, which allows us to maintain absolute control over prices and purity.


A: We offer the advantage of low minimum order quantities of 1 gallon or 1 kilogram dependent on the product. .

A: We are always happy to negotiate discounts for large-scale bulk orders. Please speak to your appointed project manager for more information.

A: Yes, we have both liquid and crystalline forms of water-soluble CBD available for bulk purchases.

A: Bulk CBD is shelf stable for two years under the right conditions. We recommend keeping your bulk CBD in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Refridgeration is not necessary but is recommended as long as you ensure that the lid is closed tight to avoid any moisture contamination. We do not recommend keeping your bulk CBD in the freezer. After the two year mark, your CBD will remain safe and non-toxic but will lose its potency.

A: When formulating your own products, it is important to consider smoke points especially if you plan on making edibles or baked goods. Learn more about CBD smokepoints here.

A: Yes, all bulk CBD orders come with COAs that are completed by an independent, third-party lab. Our COAs can be used for your finished products, helping you save money on lab services without compromising integrity or safety. 

Bulk CBD Resources

Take advantage of our complimentary CBD startup resources to make the most out of your bulk CBD order:

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Contact us today about your bulk CBD needs! Our team is happy to answer any questions regarding our bulk CBD options, vertically-integrated process, and more. For more information, call us at 844-HEMP-234 or email us info@HempDepotCo.com. We look forward to working with you!

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