Where Do You Get Hemp Seeds for CBD?

Hemp seeds available for purchase for CBD production can be found from numerous retailers. Since CBD is extracted from female plants, finding feminized seeds can be a better option. Be aware that every state has its own hemp cultivation and purchasing regulations that differ from state to state. That means that you may find a website selling CBD-rich hemp seeds but they may be located in a different state and can only sell within their state lines. Before you purchase hemp seeds for CBD production, make sure you’re working in a state where hemp cultivation is legal. There are still four states where hemp cultivation is illegal– all other states will have its own permit and licensing system. Once you have the proper licensing and permits for hemp cultivation, find the right hemp seed or hemp clone supplier.

CBD-Rich Hemp Seeds for Sale

CBD Seed Co. is the leading supplier of CBD-rich hemp seeds and hemp clones in the nation. They can only sell to individuals with a hemp farming permit. They offer feminized hemp seeds that are non-GMO and perfect for CBD manufacturing.

Learn More About Where to Get Hemp Seeds for CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all things CBD. We’re happy to refer you to CBD Seed Co., the nation’s leading CBD-rich hemp seed and hemp clone supplier. As the leading Colorado hemp farmers, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge. Always conduct research on potential suppliers and ask for COAs. For more information regarding where to get hemp seeds for CBD, please contact us!

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